Wild Salmon Twitter Bot

Art by Alex Testere

In spring 2017 I found myself distracted one afternoon by all the news about bots on social media and their supposed ability to sway political outcomes. There appeared to not yet be such a bot promoting all that wild salmon give to our world, so I made one.

As of March 2022 the Twitter account @wildsalmonbot has tweeted 3,642 silly, non-sensical, and/or profound mad-libs style statements about wild salmon. The most popular tweet so far was on December 21, 2021:

“Wild salmon are splish-splashin’ party animals that will outlast us. #wildsalmon.”

I’m not how or why that tweet caught such traction, but it was flattering to know that my creation had an audience.

You can follow Wild Salmon Bot on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/wildsalmonbot

You can learn more about how I created the Twitter bot and how to make your own from Prof. Zach Whalen’s website.